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Rubi 48cm Trowel 6x6mm

Rubi 48cm Trowel 6x6mm

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The trowels and combs with closed wooden handle have a special steel sheet of high wear resistance with protection against corrosion by colorless varnish (STEEL).

There are also models with the special stainless steel sheet with high wear resistance (INOX).

One of the particularities of all RUBI trowels and combs is the perfect flatness of its sheet.

  • Steel plate special high wear resistance with corrosion protection by clear coat.(STEEL)
  • Stainless steel plate special high wear resistance (INOX)
  • Perfect flatness of the plate.
  • The notches 13/16" x 13/16" (20 x 20 mm.) developed for dosing of glue mortar on uneven floors. Allows more material thickness.
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