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Raimondi Pro 6mm Slant Notch Trowel

Raimondi Pro 6mm Slant Notch Trowel

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  • Flow-Ridge notch trowel
  • 6mm Collapsible Ridge
  • Provide superior adhesive coverage
  • Anti-slip, comfortable rubber handle

The slanted and rounded notch provide the following advantages:

  • When placing tile on adhesive spread with a slanted ridge, the ridges overlap and collapse (Domino effect) to provide superior adhesive coverage on the back of the tile vs. a standard notched trowel.
  • Superior adhesive bonding also increase the efficiency of in floor heating systems since it removes air pockets which inhibit the transfer of heat to the flooring.
  • The rounded shape of the notch reduces the chance of the adhesive "binding" and ripping away the ridges while troweling.
    The adhesive does not bind in the rounded corners of this notch so the adhesive ridges stay intact.
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